Colorful Skull Halloween Makeup

Hello lovelies!

This week I had time to play around with some new techniques & I had a blast. This is my first Halloween makeup look ever & I couldn’t be happier with how it came out. I have actually never done anything like this with makeup so it was definitely a challenge.

Now I did not come up with this look by myself, I did see a picture of a look just like this & used it as a reference. I loved how it look when I saw it so I needed to recreate it. I think the jaw area looks amazing the way it fades out. It really creates the illusion of  hallowed out cheeks and a shape of a skull head.


This look is so easy to create too. I used some of my cheapest eyeshadow palettes for my eyes and all the shading you see. The teeth are actually a purple liquid lipstick because I don’t own a white eyeliner or face paints for that matter. I decided that the purple gave it a bit of something different.

I actually want to wear this out of Halloween. It doesn’t even matter what you dress up as really. What I want to do with this look is find a big, baggy t-shirt I could distress & wear that as a dress. Put a pair of spandex shorts underneath so I’m not bare-assed lol & put on my thigh-high black heeled boots. Kind of go as a badass colorful skull thing!

Really there is not actual outfit or idea to this but I think it could be really cute!

Anyways as always let me know if you want a step by step  & tag me in your picture if  you decide to recreate this look (:


Hopefully I am back soon with another Halloween look. I have some more ideas coming ❤




Date Night Makeup & Outfit

Hi beauties!

Today I am coming to show you the makeup I did for my date night this past Sunday. My boyfriend & I went into Philly to see Theresa Caputo The Experience. It was an amazing show, so moving and very emotional. I would recommend anyone who is thinking about going to see her, to definitely buy the tickets. You never know what is going to happen & her sassy attitude will keep you interested the whole show.

On a different note, I re-tried the cut crease & I have to say I think I totally nailed it!!! I was feeling myself all night lol.. I couldn’t help myself. I think this makeup look is extremely flattering to all eye shapes. You can create a new illusion for your features. If you have small eyes you can create a brand new crease to make you eyes look more awake. I think this technique is amazing, I’m glad I have kind of mastered it after a few tries.


I did a soft brown cut crease & paired it with a thick black wing. For my lid I took a shimmery shade and brought it up to the crease line to add a bit of color. I thought about going with a bold red lip but opted out for this light baby pink shade. Overall this look was perfect, I loved it.


Excuse the basic snap filter but cmon… that cut creasee girl ! 😛 I did cream contour for this look as well to try to give my face a bit more structure. I have been loving to do that, I think it can really make a contour look a bit more “natural.”


As for my outfit I went with this very chill, comfy dress by Rachel Roy & paired it with these beautiful faux snake pointed lace up heels. These heels are beautifulll ❤ I loved this outfit. I felt very beautiful the entire night.


Want an in-depth description of this look ? Let me know (:


So glad to get some content out for you all !

I am going to be playing around with some halloween looks, I can’t wait to show them to you ❤



Dark Side Fall Makeup & Small Review!

Hi loves!

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted & I apologize! College and working are really taking up a lot of my time & I am putting my full effort into it. This semester really makes or breaks me so I am busting my butt. I actually really haven’t played around with makeup or bought new products in a bit because of how busy & stressed out I am.

With that being said it’s going to be hard for me to be super consistent as I used to be with reviewing and keeping up to date. Most likely I will be only posting some makeup looks and maybe some little blurbs of new products in that blog! I have to switch up my style a bit to keep on doing what I love to do.

Yesterday was the first day in a while that I got to sit & de-stress with my makeup. I had an idea of what I wanted to do and did my best to achieve it! I tried an ombre cut crease fall toned look & paired it with a blue lip. My cut crease skills need lots of help, but I will get better eventually. I love the way a cut crease looks when you really complete it well, but it is super hard for me to get down ):

Here is the best my attempt was 😛 Don’t judge!!!


The ombre effect I reallly love, just the cut crease is a bit ehhhh. When I looked straight ahead it looked beautiful, but looking down was a bit awkward. I need to work on creating a more arched look to it I think! Any tips?


I fell inlove with this blue lip though! It made me feel super edgy 😛  Also I tried a bit of cream contouring and highlighting. I recently pick up the new CoverGirl Trublend contour palette & I actually thought it was great. It came with a cute pink blending sponge as well that really did a great job cutting these cheeks. I was a bit sceptical about the product at first because I haven’t heard a lot of terrific things about the Trublend line but I was decently impressed. It had great pigmentation and blended like a dream. Left me a with a nice shadowed area around my face giving me great definition. The highlight is beautiful as well. It’s a nice white golden color that really complimented my skin tone. None of the product slid all over the face, and set great with powders.



PS: Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the giveaway I promised. I am still doing it, I am currently collecting some items I personally love for this! I am just not quite finished & I have been busy so that’s slowing me down as well.


Let me know how you feel about this look !

Missing you guys ❤





Back To Class Makeup

Hello loves!

Yesterday was my first day of classes back at college. I was going to opt out of makeup but I figured I should show up looking all put together, at least for the first class! All the other ones I can show up looking pretty blahhh 😛


I decided that I would go pretty natural & light so I went for a CC+. I decided to just put on some mascara & a bit of a wing. I dusted a cool tone brown into my crease to add a bit of depth and dimension to my eyes. Nothing too over the top, same with the brows. Just a quick fill in with some clear brow gel on top.


I bronzed up my skin with the Chocolate Soleil bronzer & added a tad bit of blush for a flushed look. I used a very light highlight from the Makeup Revolution contour palette just to give a nice sheen to the skin. On my lips I used the Mac Cremesheen Gloss in Fashion Scoop. Keeping it all as “natural” as I possibly could (:


This look was very comfortable for a full day of classes & I only had to blot once which was awesome. & today I am off to do the same thing, but thankfully I only have 1 class.


I’ll see you ladies soon ❤




A No Makeup MOTD // How I Relax

Hello my loves!

Today is going to be a bit of a different MOTD. I wasn’t feeling makeup today & definitely didn’t want to do it so I decided I would turn this into a little bit of a relaxing post. I am going to let you in on a relaxing/lazy day in my life (:

So this morning I woke up & went right on over to my boyfriend’s house to get a good workout in. That is one of the best ways to start a day in my opinion, it really gets me up and moving. After we workout I wentt upstairs and make some breakfast for us both.

After we sit and relax watching ESPN for a bit I went home & showered. Since I start school this week I decided it would be a perfect time to get my facial done (FINALLY). I HIGHLY recommend getting one. It was one of the most relaxing things I have done for myself in a really really long time. I am so rejuvenated from this, I definitely don’t do this often at all because of the price, good thing it was a gift I had to redeem (: But this was a good call for today, I loved it. My face feels so good now.

I decided that it was going to be a good day to bake being that it is pouring outside so I made smores chocolate chip cookies. & let me tell you, theses cookies are seriously AMAZING!! How good do these babies look 😛 If any of  you want a bit of a recipee let me know, I’ll gladly make a post dedicated to it! I love to bake and try to recreate new things. It always fun to see what comes out in the end.


Later I am heading back over to Chris’s house to watch a movie or some Netflix & eat all these cookies!!!


I love relaxing lazy days like these, really keeps me sane.





I Need Some Ideas!

Hi guys !

Todays blog is very blah. The reason behind that is because I am having serious writers block. I need some help from you!

If any of you have something you’d like to see or have me review or anything for that matter, let me know (: I need a spark to start my creative juices again. 

& I am still trying to figure out my blogging schedule. I start up my senior year of college a week from today & that totally ruins my Tuesday & Thursday posts because my classes are all day mon-thurs. I will figure it out though! Got to keep moving forward (: 

Btw! I am so close to 150 followers & as big BIG thank you for that I am going to be doing a giveaway again. I love to show my appreciation for all you, so be on the look out for that post.
See you guys on Thursday with the alway MOTD post. ❤

MOTD ft. The Power of Makeup palette by Too Faced x NikkieTutorials

Itssss meeee (:

Lets get right into this MOTD, since you already got the full low-down in my last post. (Review Here)

I created a very dramatic, but fun look that you could wear out whenever! I actually wore this out to my sisters birthday & felt great. I loved the way this look (:

I left the lid pretty natural with Irresistible on the center lid & then using Frosted Yum toward the inner 3rd. In the crease I used Painkiller & then added Makeup & Chill into the outer corner blending again into the crease. On the brow bone I took Ivy and blended that out to really lift the browns & lighten up the crease a tad.

FullSizeRender-1 copy 2

On my lower lash line I took it an opposite direction. I love to make the lower lashes fun, I’m still afraid to go crazy up top but I am going to be venturing out with that to push myself out of my zone. So under my lashes I took Wham Bam on a pencil brush & really focused that down there. Then taking Painkiller I dusted over that to blend it out. I used the purple Better Than Sex mascara and completely coated my lashes & then for a bit more purple I took Colourpops creme gel liner in Piggy Bank and lined my inner rim. I think it really took the lower lashes & this look to the next level of fun(:


Let me know what you think! – I only gave eye details because I am in the middle of reviewing a lot of the products I used on my face.


Until next week ❤




NikkieTutorials x Too Faced “The Power of Makeup” Palette Review

Ello (:

Today as seen in the title I am going to give you all my personal opinion on this new limited edition palette by Too Faced & NikkieTutorials! I have seen this palette all over social media lately & when I showed my sister 2 palette I would have loved for my birthday this was the one she purchased! As always I was ecstatic, I love me some new palettes (: I had some extremely high standards for this palette because welll, for one it’s Too Faced & two NikkiTutorials is a major influencer for makeup & Youtube. Let me just hop into the review before I give away too much!


To begin with this palette comes with 9 shadows, 2 Sweetheart blushes, Chocolate Soleil bronzer, & a highlight in Champagne Truffle! You also get a little baggy filled with cute goodies! You receive a  full-sized Sketch Marker, a mini Shadow Insurance, a Glamour Dust in Glitterally, & a limited edition Better Than Sex mascara in purple! The packaging is great, I love that it opens like a book & displays everything the way it does. It gives you everything you need right in front of  you. This palette as soon as you open it has an amazing scent of chocolate, I dieeddd and went to heaven with that! Overall this palette retails at $56, which to me is a bit pricey but for what you receive it is worth it.


Now with all collabs the collaborator gets to mix and match to create their own shadows. I personally LOVED the shadow choices. This palette gives you a great variety of neutrals and bolds allowing you to create whatever kind of look you want! I will have to say that they do swatch beautifully (shown below), but not all the shadows are up to my standards. I have watch several videos of different Youtubers applying these shadows to their eyes so I was amazed at the pigment as anyone would be, I was pumped to start playing around. I did not own a great gold or silver shadow so this was perfect for me. Unfortunately when I picked up my flat shader brush and started dipping into the shade Irresistible I was very disappointed. The color did not have the payoff I wanted, was full of fall out and glitter. I was expecting a very opaque swipe/pack when applied to the eye, but it gives more of a sheer dusting. The shade is buildable, but from a $56 palette I do expect great pigmentation out of all shadows, this happened with Frosted Yum as well sadly. Besides that problem all of the other shades seem great so far. The shade Wham Bam is amazing, everything I would want from purple shadow along with Mystic Hour being a great blue/green. Those shades are amazing!

Some swatches: All done as seen in the palette. (L-R)

As I said the swatches are very pigmented! All the shades feel very soft and buttery, it is almost addicting to swatch these shades. They all look great when pressed into the skin.

As for the extras, again it was a hit & miss for me. But these are all my personal opinions!

Sketch Marker: This one was a big no for me. I think the pigmentation is like no other. It is a very black eyeliner & gives a matte look at the end. I personally feel that this is a very hard product to work with. It doesn’t glide or bend the way I would prefer it to, it makes creating a winged look very hard for me. I would take my Physicians Formula pen over this one for sure.

24+ Shadow Insurance: I love love love this product! I think the longevity of my eyeshadow is amazing when I used this. No creasing or smudging happened when this was applied before my shadows. 2 thumbs up for this product (:


Glamour Dust: I have been dying to get my hands on a eye glitter. I think they are beautiful and allow you to create bold or flirty makeup looks. This is what I hoped for out of a glitter! It is very finely milled & silver so it reflects a lot of light. I think this glitter can change an everyday look to something special. Another thumbs up from me (:


Better Than Sex purple mascara: By far this little goodie in my favorite of them all. Purple mascara?! How coool 😛 I am so pumped to use this to create fun edgy looks. You all know I am all for the purple makeup & being crazy with this color so this product was no different for me. 10 out of 10 for this!!


Again guys these are all my honest opinions, I know I can be brutally honest sometimes but that’s what I am all about! I want you all to have the best opinions you can before purchasing a product, especially some that are pretty pricey.

I hope this one helped make a decision for you(: If you would like me to review a different product let me know & I will be glad to do so.

ps: I still do really like this palette because my fav little sister got it for me. #onlysisbestsis

Stay tuned for a MOTD with this palette ❤



Contouring Your Nose With a Fork???

Whats up everyone (:

I came across this crazy Instagram fad that I needed to try! Contouring your nose with a fork, how unreal does that seem?! Buttttt I mean there definitely has been worse contouring fads in the past. Really contouring your cheeks with a knife? Dangerous…. The fork idea doesn’t seem tooo far fetched so I deemed it worth a try & gave my best attempt.

So the idea behind using the fork is that the prongs give the perfect guidelines for contouring your nose. When using the middle 2 prongs as a guideline it really creates a sharp outline. & you could use the middle hole as a highlighting outline which is perfect. It makes complete sense!

So my nose before: I usually don’t contour my nose because I am totally okay with how it looks in general. & I actually do not know how to contour my nose so this is a struggle to begin with. Normally I just throw a bit of bronzer on it and call it a day so this test was hard.


& this is after: I actually think this makes my nose look A LOT slimmer. Which is totally different for me in general! Buttttt as weird as it sounds, contouring the nose with a fork DOES work quite well. Something I didn’t believe or think I would ever say because who goes into their kitchen & decides this item was going to be a perfect fit.

When you first apply it, you should absolutely use a light hand. If you do it too harsh it’ll be waaay too hard to blend out. You don’t want your contour to be harsh on your nose because everything is supposed to look “natural” like a shadow. It’s all about good pressure & lots of blending.


I really do like it though!! I think it works like a dream. For more fancy nights when I’m feeling festive I will definitely be contouring my nose with a fork! It is a good trick for beginners too, it helps create the perfect stencil.

Overall this is the ONLY fad I have found that is worth giving a try. I’m usually not one to jump on the wagon butttt I gave in & was a hypocrite for liking it. You all should try it & let me know how you like it as well (:



Wedding Makeup Part 2

As I said in my previous post I would show you my makeup for the wedding too!

I wanted to give you guys more details for mine too so below will be a step by step of how I did it (:



Eyes –

  1. Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion & set it was NYX matte cream shade.
  2. I first went in with UD Dormouse from the Alice palette on a nice fluffy Morphe brush & swept that all throughout the crease. I did that until I felt the color looked how I liked. I then mixed ChessBoard from the same palette & did that same thing.
  3. After the color was how I liked it I went into my Shaaanxo Palette and mixed the yellowy shade & the dark red shade and took that into the crease again for some more color and dimension.
  4. Into the Shade & Light palette I took the chocolate brown shade from the warm side on a pencil brush & ran that through my outer v, slightly into the crease for some extra depth.
  5. For the lid I combined Kingdom, Chronosphere from the Alice palette & the brownish shimmer shade from the Shaaanxo palette & packed that on until I was satisfied. Then I took Royal Flush from the same palette and took that from the inner corner and dragged in onto the lid slightly!
  6. Finally did a bunch of blending, added a slight wing & put on some Adrell Demi Wispies.

Face –

  1. Primer: Smashbox Pore Minimizing primer
  2. Foundation: FitMe Matte & Poreless blending in with a damp real techniques beauty sponge.
  3. Concealer: Maybelline Better Skin with just a touch of the Naked Weightless Concealer again blended in with my damp sponge. I used the same sponge & baked my under eyes with Maybelline Studio Fix Translucent Powder.
  4. While I let that baked away I did my brows with a Bh Cosmetics brush and the dark brown from the e.l.f Made for Mattes palette. Setting them with the Maybelline translucent brow gel.
  5. After they were all done I swiped away all the powder under my eye with an itCosmetics fluffy brush & a bit of yellow powder. Then I set my face with the Rimmel Stay Matte powder & my Morphe E1 brush.
  6. Bronzer: To bronze up my face I used the warm shade from the Makeup Revolution contour palette & applied that where I would normally.
  7. Contour: Same palette I took the cool toned shade on a slanted contour brush & took that right to the hollows of my cheeks blending upward. To clean up under the contour I took the yellow shade from the palette & swept that right underneath.
  8. Blush: I used the Tarte blush in the shade Fame. It is a beautiful peachy shade that paired amazingly with this shadow.
  9. Highlight: I mixed Becca x Jaclyn Hills Champagne Pop & the highlight from the MR contour shade & put that on the tops of my cheeks, nose, cupids bow, chin, & forehead.
  10. Setting Spray: I used the All Nighter setting spray by Urban Decay to take away some excess powder & then took a bit more highlight to really make it pop!

Lips –

  1. Liner: I started off with the Rimmel Colour Riche liner in Eternally Mauve first lining & then completely filling them in.
  2. Lipstick: I used the NYX chubby stick in Exposed & the Too Faced Melted Matte lipstick in Sugar right in the center to create an ombre effect.
  3. Gloss: Finally finished it off with some Mac Cremesheen Gloss in Fashion Scoop? That could be wrong but I completely forgot the name 😛


This makeup look held up PERFECTLY all night through the insane heat & dancing. I couldn’t  be happier with how it turned out and how it looked with my royal blue dress. It was a great night!



Until next time guys!